Hicox talks to Raine

Their mission is ruined.

The abandoned house is a ruined building in the village of Nadine, just across the La Louisiane tavern, where the Basterds took refuge, before making contact with Bridget von Hammersmark.


The ruined house consists of at least two rooms.


Chapter Four - OPERATION KINOEdit

The house was most likely bombed by the Germans and its previous owners either died of fled. The Basterds and Lt. Archie Hicox temporarily occupied the house, where they donned Nazi uniforms and discussed their rendez-vous place with Bridget von Hammersmark. Stiglitz was sharpening his knife in a smaller room. Donny was sitting on a mattress.

Notable locationsEdit

Living roomEdit

The room where the Basterds were donning the uniforms and looked outside the window.

Smaller roomEdit

The room where Stiglitz was sitting on a chair and sharpened his knife.


  • The theme heard when Stiglitz is sharpening his knife is from Dark of the Sun (1968). Rod Taylor, who plays Winston Churchill in the film, played the lead of the mercenaries, Curry.


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