Aldo Raine and Donny Donowitz trunk shot

Aldo with his knife, after he scarred Butz.

Aldo Raine's knife is a Smith & Wesson Bowie knife.


The knife appears to be a Smith & Wesson Bowie variant, with the logo polished off and a different guard and stag handle.

In Inglourious BasterdsEdit

Aldo uses the knife to carve swastikas on German soldier's forehead, like Butz. He carries his knife when he, Bridget, Donny and Omar go undercover to blow up the cinema. When he's captured, the knife is confiscated by Hans Landa's men. On the way to the Allied lines, Landa is seen admiring the knife. At the end of the film Aldo also carves a swastika on Landa's forehead.

Behind the scenesEdit

Aldo's knife looks like a Smith & Wesson Bowie with the logo polished off and a prop department-added guard and stag handle. However the tip curve towards is more extreme.[1][2]



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