Inglourious Basterds Chapter Five

Fifth and final chapter.

Chapter Five (full name Chapter Five - REVENGE OF THE GIANT FACE) is the final chapter in the film.


  • When Shosanna looks outside through the round window, a poster with the fake film "Fräulein Doktor" is seen, starring Bridget von Hammersmark.
  • When Shosanna heads for the lobby of the cinema after she prepared herself, the camera follows her from above. The same technique was used in Kill Bill Vol. 1, when the Bride follows Sofie Fatale in the toilet of the House Of Blue Leaves.
  • When Landa is talking to Bridget about her broken leg, the camera moves around the two actors in a circular fashion. The same technique was used several times in the previous films.
  • The cigarettes sold by the girls during the premiere are never framed well, but based on the colors of the packages brands seem to be (from right to left): Harz, Deutscher Geist and Alpin. The "Overstolz" (existing brand) appear to be those smoked by Marcel.
  • The matches sold by the girls at the premiere are the "Front Holzer".
  • The three girls getting an autograph from Zoller in the cinema wear the distinctive brown jackets of the Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM), the girls branch of the Hitler Youth.
  • The large Nazi eagle displayed in the cinema lobby is based on a bronze eagle that was in the Reichs Chancellery in Berlin, by Kurt Schmid-Ehmen. The original Berlin eagle is now in the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.
  • In the scene where Bridget von Hammersmark was choked to death after being discovered as a spy, Diane Kruger was almost accidentally really choked. Quentin Tarantino was unimpressed with choking scenes in other movies, in that actors are rarely in any considerable danger while shooting them, and convinced Kruger to be strangled for real in order to get the scene just right. Fearing that actor Christoph Waltz would choke her too much or too little, Tarantino decided to literally take matters into his own hands and did the scene himself. In an interview, Tarantino said, "What I said to her was, I'm gonna just strangle you, alright? Full on, I'm gonna cut off your air, for just a little bit of time. We're gonna see the reaction in your face and I'm gonna yell cut." Kruger decided this was reasonable and let Tarantino sit on top of her and choke her to the point of unconsciousness. Fortunately for Kruger, the shot was accomplished in one take.
  • During the conversation with Landa, Aldo says sarcastically: "What's next, Eliza on the Ice?". Eliza on the Ice is the title of a short animated film starring the superhero Mighty Mouse mouse, which is a sort of parody to the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin", that was banned due to the high content of stereotypes about African Americans.
  • Landa proposes to Aldo and Utivich to toast him with a glass of Chianti.
  • During the conversation with Landa, Aldo tells him he used to "bootleg moonshine liquor" (What we call 'just a man tryin' to make a livin' for his family sellin' moonshine liquor). "Moonshine" is the name given to illegally homemade whiskey/high-proof distilled spirits. Its name comes from the fact that during Prohibition, the liquors were sold or smuggled only at night to avoid being detected by the authorities, hence the word "moon".
  • When Donny goes to see if Hitler has arrived, we see the sentry that will be later shot by Omar, and other one with shorter hair. However, when Zoller leaves the opera box, the other guard gets replaced by a bald man. It's unknown how he got replaced, considering that moments after Donny goes back in the auditorium to call Omar with him, Marcel locks the cinema and it's unlikely that he could of done that if the sentries would wander around.
  • When Fredrich leaves the opera box during the film premiere to go to the projection booth, he walks out of the box and turns to the left. Since he was on the right-hand side of the theater, this would mean he was heading in the direction of the screen/backstage and away from the booth. A few moments later, we see him walk up a flight of stairs where drape hangs off to the left and a masonry wall stands to the right, with the stairs opening to a set of catwalks to the left. The only area this would make sense is in the backstage area of the theater, again opposite the projection booth. Once he does make it to the booth, he arrives at the door on the right side, the same side as the opera box he was in is on. The turn to the left and walk up the flight of stairs makes no sense.
  • When Shosanna's film overrides the ending "Nation's Pride", the audience members are stunned in front of the gigantic face of the girl who appears in the middle of the film without any logical reason.  This scene is very reminiscent of the moments which "Big Brother" made ​​its appearance in the movie 1984 by Michael Radford, based on the novel "1984" by George Orwell. It's also similar to the first appearance of the Wizard Oz in the 1939 movie.
  • Shosanna's face surrounded by smoke and flames (especially when she laughs in a "diabolical" way and leaning her head back) would seem to also be inspired by the scene where Mary the robot, played by Brigitte Helm, is set on fire in the 1927 film Metropolis, one of the favorite movies of Hitler and Goebbels, as well as ancestor of all science fiction films.
  • In a deleted scene, the director Enzo G. Castellari, who in the film plays the role of a Nazi general present at the premiere, shouts "Fire!" from the place where they are sitting in the front row, as soon as the movie screen catches fire.  This same line was spoken by the Italian director in his film  "The Inglorious Bastards" where he also participated in the guise of appearance. Even if the scene has been omitted, you can see Castellari in the lobby of the cinema, just before Aldo Raine converses with Landa in his "Italian". In addition, according to what is stated by the same Enzo G. Castellari in an interview, the false name of Aldo had to be Enzo Girolami Castellari's real name, but it was crippled Pitt making it "Gorlomi." The question on 'homage to the surname of Castellari is a bit' a mystery since the name specified in the script is just "Gorlomi" and not "Girolami."[1]
  • When Shosanna's cinema explodes, the man who is thrown out through the round window, has the same scream used by Stuntman Mike in one of the final scene of Death Proof.


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