Francesca Mondino with her dog

A female dog, also known as bitch. On the left.

The domestic dog is a subspecies of the gray wolf, and the first domesticated animal and has been the most widely kept working, hunting, and pet animal in human history. The word "dog" can also refer to the male of a canine species, while to the word "bitch" which refers to the female of the species.

In Inglourious BasterdsEdit

Francesca Mondino has a black pudel. At the animal hospital, several dogs are seen in some cages from the operating suite.


  • The shooting script includes a scene where Raine and his men intimidate the veterinarian into treating Bridget von Hammersmark's bullet wound, where Donny shoots two of the dogs inside their cages. This scene was filmed, but cut from the final print, as during the scene with Hammersmark on the table, if you look behind her, you can see 2 of the cages with holes in the wire mesh, and blood stains and dead dogs within.


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