Donny Stiglitz and Hirschberg on the forest road

The three little Basterds in the forest.

The forest road was a road in an unknown French forest, where Donny Donowitz, Hugo Stiglitz and Gerold Hirschberg ambushed a Nazi car.


The road forest appears to have cubic stone slabs, which suggests it is near a highway or a town. The forest itself is a deciduous one.

In Inglourious BasterdsEdit

The forest and the forest road appear in a flashback, after Landa tells the soldier accompanying him about how Stiglitz and Wilhelm Wicki would don Nazi uniforms and ambush German military cars. In the flashback we see Hirschberg, Stiglitz and Donny donning German uniforms and mowing down a group of 5 German soldiers in a car, with MP40's.


  • When we first see the car stopping, a building can be seen in the upper right corner. It's unknown if it's a goof or intentional.
  • Despite the story taking place sometime in May-June, the forest shows fall foliage.


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