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Fredrick Zoller
Zoller in cafe
Vital statistics
Name Fredrick Zoller
Gender Male
Allegiance Nazi Germany, Wehrmacht
Title/Rank Private
Nationality German
Fate Killed by Shosanna Dreyfus
Portrayed by Daniel Brühl
“Who wants to send a message to Germany?”
Fredrick Zoller

Frederick Zoller is a Wehrmacht marksman who became a war hero. He became a war hero after he killed at least 250 enemies in three days. Because of his exploits, Joseph Goebbels decided to turn his exploits into a propaganda film, called Nation's Pride, in which Zoller stars as himself. He was nicknamed by his comerads "German Sergeant York".


He was born in Germany.



A couple of days before the premiere, he met a French girl, who owned a cinema, by the name of Emmanuelle Mimieux (who was actually a Jewish girl whose family was killed 4 years earlier). He meets her again next day in a bistro, where he tells her his war exploits. Later that day, he "invites" her, via Major Dieter Hellstrom, at a restaurant where many Nazi politicians and officers were relaxing and talking politics. He presents her to Joseph Goebbels. He manages to convince the minister to move the film premiere to her cinema.


At his fim premiere, he was in Hitler's lounje, behind Goebbels and Hitler. He was shot by Shoshanna in the cinema's projector room, but managed to survive long enough until he shot her dead too. Their bodies were cremated when the cinema burned to the ground.


Zoller is a model soldier.


  • The character Frederick Zoller was largely based on movie star Audie Murphy. After casting, Daniel Brühl was brought in for audition sessions for French actresses vying for the role of Shosanna.
  • At the premier, Pvt. Zoller is in his full dress uniform with all his decorations. He wears the Knight's Cross with oak leaves, swords, and cut diamonds around his neck and the Iron Cross 2nd class on his chest. However, conspicuously absent is the Iron Cross 1st class, which he certainly would've worn to the occasion (see where Adolf Hitler wears his), and which is necessary to receive the Knight's Cross. Without the 1st class award, he could not have received a Knight's Cross let alone with oak leaves, swords, and cut diamonds.
  • At the premiere, Pvt. Zoller wears his Knight's Cross around his neck but when in uniform in all other scenes, he is without it. The Knight's Cross was one of the highest orders the Third Reich bestowed upon soldiers and when in any uniform Zoller would have worn it around the neck.
  • In keeping with the film's fairy tale vibe, Zoller's dressing is meant to portray him as a prince, but this time with a tragic twist.[1]

Notable quotesEdit

  • It's been a pleasure chatting with a fellow cinema lover.
  • The only people who should be allowed in the room are the people who will be moved by the exploits on the screen.
  • Who wants to send a message to Germany?

Behind the scenesEdit

He was played by Daniel Brühl.

Daniel Brühl dubbed himself for the Spanish version of the film.



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