Gerold Hirschberg
Gerold Hirschberg
Vital statistics
Name Gerold Hirschberg
Gender Male
Allegiance United States of America
The Basterds
Title/Rank Private First Class
Nationality American
Fate Unknown
Portrayed by Samm Levine
“Right about now I'd be shittin' my pants if I was you!”
―Hirschberg to Butz and Ludwig

Gerold Hirschberg was a Jewish-American soldier, part of The Basterds.


Hirschberg was born in the United States.



Hirschberg is seen along with the other Basterds in the garrison yard when Aldo Raine briefs them. Later, when the group is already in France, he is seen scalping dead German soldiers in the woods. After they loot the dead Germans, he is seen guarding the three survivors with a Karabiner 98k. Hirschberg laughs when Rachtman mentions Hugo Stiglitz. He later cheers when Donny beats the German seargent to death. When Ludwig tries to flee, Hirschberg shoots him.

Chapter Four - OPERATION KINOEdit

Hirschberg is seen in the abandoned house, where the Basterds and Hicox prepare to meet with their contact. He is seen looking outside through the window. He's later seen in the veterinary office handing Bridget her purse containing the premier tickets

Hirschberg is later seen in a flashback, along with Stiglitz and Donny shooting a car with German soldiers.

He is no longer seen after this chapter, his fate remains unknown.


Hirschberg hates the Nazis and has no problem killing any one of them.


  • Hirschberg is the shortest member of the Basterds.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was played by Samm Levine.

Due to scheduling conflicts, David Krumholtz was not able to play the role of PFC Hirschberg. He was replaced by Samm Levine who played his brother on Freaks and Geeks.

In the original script, Samm Levine's role was much larger, with PFC Hirschberg being one of the primary members of the Basterds. However, in the film, Hirschberg only speaks one line, and he disappears before the closing scenes with his fate being left unresolved. His role in the script is taken by Omar Ulmer.




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