Hugo Stiglitz strangles Gestapo officer

Stiglitz kills his first Nazi.

The Gestapo Officers barracks was a military complex, where Hugo Stiglitz killed 13 Gestapo officers, before being captured.


The complex consists of the dwelling houses where the Gestapo officers lived and a few alleys.

In Inglourious BasterdsEdit

In a flashback, we see Hugo Stiglitz in this complex killing several Gestapo officers: strangles the first one with a wire in a backyard alley, stabs the second in the face through a pillow and chocks the third is by shoving his fist in his mouth.

Notable locationsEdit

Backyard alleyEdit

An alley behind the buildings, where Stiglitz strangles the first Gestapo officer with a wire.

Second Gestapo officer's dwellingEdit

The bedroom where Stiglitz stabs the Nazi in the face through a pillow.

Third Gestapo officer dwellingEdit

Another bedroom, where Stiglitz kills another officer, this time by shoving his fist in his mouth and chocking him to death.


  • As it's unlikely that Stiglitz fled his base where he was stationed to kill the Gestapo officers, it's been agreed that all his killings happened in one single military complex.


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