Hugo Stiglitz sitting in a jail

Stiglitz in Jail.

The jail was a building somewhere in Germany, where Hugo Stiglitz was locked, before being send to Berlin.


The jail consists of many cells, connected via corridors.



Stiglitz was taken to this prison, from where he was supposed to be send to Berlin. However, the Basterds got there first.

Chapter Four - OPERATION KINOEdit

Stiglitz recalls a moment when he was tortured in the jail, right before Hellstrom slaps him on the chest telling him to write a name on the card.

Notable locationsEdit

Guarding postEdit

Posts where the jail guardians sat.

Stiglitz's cellEdit

The cell where Stiglitz was locked.


  • As a Gestapo officer with a whip is seen when Stiglitz is dragged in chains, it can be assumed that his torture scene happens in the same jail.


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