Jean-Pierre Mimieux
Shosanna mentions Ada and Jean-Pierre Mimieux
Shosanna mentions her "uncle" Jean-Pierre.
Vital statistics
Name Jean-Pierre Mimieux
Gender Male
Allegiance France
Title/Rank None
Nationality French
Fate Deceased
Portrayed by None (mentioned)
“My uncle was killed during Blitzkrieg.”
―Shosanna tells Landa about her "uncle"

Jean-Pierre Mimieux was the former owner of the Le Gamaar Cinema and the fake uncle of Shosanna Dreyfus.


Jean-Pierre Mimieux was born from in France.


Chapter Three - Chapter Three - GERMAN NIGHT IN PARISEdit

Shosanna tells Landa that he was killed during the German invasion of France.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was only mentioned in the film.

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