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Perrier LaPadite chops wood Julie hangs sheets 1941 title

LaPadite's farm.

LaPadite's farm is the house of the LaPadite family.


LaPadite's farm is a dairy farm. It consists of a house, some crop fields and (unseen) cow stables.


Chapter One Once upon a time... in Nazi-occupied FranceEdit

After the German invasion of France, The Dreyfuses took refuge inside Perrier LaPadite's house. Hans Landa is seen arriving at the farm.

Behind the scenesEdit

The inside of the farm, as well as the La Louisiane interior, were created in the studio. The shots for the exterior of the farm, however, were shot in Sebnitz, Germany, near the border with the Czech Republic.[1][2]

The interior of the house was designed to look similar to the town setting in Once Upon a Time in the West.[3]

The cows were a CGI feature added as the real cows intended for this scene were late to arrive.



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