La Louisiane tavern

The tavern, seen from outside.

La Louisiane is a basement tavern in the small village of Nadine. It is the rendezvous point for The Basterds and the British in Operation Kino. The tavern was run by Eric. The only other employee was a French girl, Mathilda.

The entry to the tavern is via downstairs that lead to a door, who in turn, leads to a spiral staircase.

Notable locationsEdit

The tavern consists of a room with the bar and two tables, as well as a smaller room, with a single table and a gramophone.


  • The gramophone of the tavern is seen for a brief moment in the foreground. Similar shots had already been seen in other of Tarantino's works, like Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and Death Proof.
  • When the tavern exterior is first shown, the entry door is on the bottom of some downstairs, and from there, a spiral staircase leads to tavern floor. The problem is that the top of the spiral staircase is higher than the street level (which is easy to prove, as the lamps from the tavern are over the windows level and the spiral stairs are over the lamps level), which means that the entry door would not be on a lower level, but rather higher than the street level. Also, the entry door seen in the exterior shot is on the same level as the tavern floor, which would make the spiral staircase unnecessary.
    • The only possible explanation would be that the external shot of the tavern does not show the entry to the tavern, but rather another entry, possibly a service entry. This however, defeats the purpose of showing that shot. Public places also don't add their name on their backdoors.


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