Tina Rodriguez

Tina Rodriguez , born in San Antonio, Texas , is an actress and editor, sister of Robert Rodriguez. She studied at Southwest Texas State University. She appeared in several films, including Inglourious Basterds, where she played the role of Julie LaPadite.

Julie LaPadite is seen at the beginning of the film on the LaPadite farm hanging out the laundry on the line when she hears the sound of engines. She pulls a white sheet aside to see military motorcycles escorting a German Army staff car carrying Colonel SS Hans Landa arriving to interview Pierre LaPadite about his knowledge of the whereabouts of Jews previously living in the area.

Julie alerts her father about their arrival. He instructs her to get him some water with which to wash up and to go into the house with his sisters but not to run while doing so.

While inside the LaPadite home with Colonel Landa, they are asked to wait outside while Monsieur LaPadite and the Colonel discuss matters. That is the last we see of the three sisters in the film.

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