To keep better track of the articles, the following tables will show the status of the articles, shown by the presence of the main basic elements of an article.

Note: These tables only show the main basic elements an article should contain. There is no need for other elements to be added here.

Any other improvements to this system are welcomed.

An excellent model for an article is the Hans Landa page.


Character Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
Hans Landa Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shosanna Dreyfus Yes Yes Yes Yes
Marcel Yes Stub Yes Yes
Aldo Raine Yes Yes Yes Yes
Donny Donowitz Yes Yes Yes Yes
Archie Hicox Yes Stub Yes Yes
Bridget von Hammersmark Yes Stub Yes Yes
Fredrick Zoller Yes Stub Yes Yes
Hugo Stiglitz Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wilhelm Wicki Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smithson Utivich Yes Yes Yes Yes
Omar Ulmer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dieter Hellstrom Yes Stub Yes Yes
Joseph Goebbels Yes Stub Yes Yes
Adolf Hitler Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ed Fenech Yes Stub Yes Yes
Francesca Mondino Yes Stub Yes Yes
Werner Rachtman Yes Stub Yes Yes
Winston Churchill Yes Stub Yes No
Butz Yes Stub Yes Yes
Wilhelm Yes Stub Yes Yes
Gerold Hirschberg Yes Stub Yes Yes
Andy Kagan Yes Stub Yes Yes
Michael Zimmerman Yes Stub Yes Yes
Simon Sakowitz Yes Stub No Yes
Eric Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mathilda Yes Yes Yes Yes
Perrier LaPadite Yes Yes Yes Yes
Charlotte LaPadite Yes Yes Yes Yes
Julie LaPadite Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suzanne LaPadite Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jakob Dreyfus Yes Stub No Yes
Miriam Dreyfus Yes Stub No Yes
Bob Dreyfus Yes Stub No Yes
Amos Dreyfus Yes Stub No Yes
Unnamed characters Yes Stub No No
Martin Bormann Yes Stub No No
Hermann Göring Yes Stub Yes No
Kliest Yes Yes Yes Yes
OSS Commander Yes Yes Yes Yes
Walter Frazer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emil Jannings Yes Stub Yes No
Obergruppenführer (Enzo G. Castellari) Yes Stub Yes Yes
Wolfgang Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ludwig Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximilian Yes Yes No Yes
Gaspar (film developer) Yes Stub Yes Yes
Babette Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ada Mimieux Yes Stub No Yes
Jean-Pierre Mimieux Yes Stub No Yes
Mrs Himmelstein Yes Stub No No
Narrator Yes Yes Yes Yes


Location Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
LaPadite's farm Yes Stub Yes No
Bistro Yes Stub Yes No
Le Gamaar Cinema (all rooms) Yes Stub Yes No
Woods Yes Stub No No
La Louisiane Yes Stub Yes No
Nadine Yes Yes Yes Yes
English country estate Yes Sub Yes No
English military base Yes Stub Yes No
Burstich Garden Yes Stub Yes No
Chez Maurice Yes Stub Yes No
Country tavern Yes Stub Yes No
Border woods Yes Stub Yes No
Paris Yes Stub Yes No
France Yes Stub No No
Germany Yes Stub No No
Third Reich Yes Stub Yes Yes
Austria Yes Stub No No
Great Britain Yes Stub Yes No
Italy Yes Stub Yes No
Hitler's private library Yes Stub No No
Abandoned house Yes Stub Yes No
Animal hospital Yes Stub Yes No
Jail Yes Stub Yes No
Gestapo Officers barracks Yes Yes Yes No
Goebbels's intimate room Yes Yes No No
Forest road Yes Yes Yes No
Sicily Yes Stub Yes No
Fortified city Yes Stub Yes No
Normandy Yes Stub Yes No


Weapon Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
Sedgley OSS .38 Yes Stub Yes No
M1921 Thompson Yes Stub Yes No
MP40 Yes Stub Yes No
Walther P38 Yes Stub Yes No
M1 Garand Yes Stub Yes No
Karabiner 98k Yes Stub Yes No
MG42 Yes Stub Yes No
Sawed-Off O/U shotgun Yes Stub Yes No
Walther PPK Yes Stub Yes No
Double Barreled Shotgun Yes Stub Yes No
Luger P08 Yes Stub Yes No
Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Yes Stub Yes No
M1911A1 Yes Stub No No
M1 Carbine Yes Stub Yes No
M3 submachine gun Yes Stub Yes No
Aldo Raine's knife Yes Stub Yes No
Landa's knife Yes Stub Yes No
Stiglitz's knife Yes Stub Yes No
Wicki's knife Yes Stub Yes No
Omar's knife Yes Stub No No
Donny's folding knife Yes Stub No No
Donny's knuckleduster knife Yes Stub Yes No
Donny's baseball bat Yes Stub Yes No
Model 24 Stielhandgranate Yes Stub Yes No
Time bomb Yes Stub Yes No


Name Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
Mercedes-Benz 170 VK (Landa's car) Yes Stub Yes No
BMW R 71 (escort bikes) Yes Stub Yes No
Opel Kapitän (the car seen when Zoller leaves in the night) Yes Stub No No
Citroën 11 BL (seen when Zoller talks to Shosanna in the bistro) Yes Stub No No
Ford Model AA (the car that brought Marcel) Yes Stub Yes No
Mercedes-Benz 200 Lang (Hellstrom's car) Yes Stub Yes No
Citroën 7C (the car seen when Shosanna leaves with Hellstrom) Yes Stub Yes No
Volkswagen Kübelwagen (the car shot by Donny, Stiglitz, Hirschberg) Yes Stub Yes No
Opel Blitz 3,6-6700A (Landa's truck) Yes Stub Yes No
GMC CCKW 352 (the truck that brings "American" soldiers) Yes Stub Yes No
Opel Kadett K38 ("American" soldier takes cover behind it) Yes Stub No No


Chapter Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
Chapter One Once upon a time... in Nazi-occupied France Yes Stub No No
Chapter Three GERMAN NIGHT IN PARIS Yes Stub No No
Chapter Four OPERATION KINO Yes Stub No No


Name Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
Office of Strategic Services Yes Stub Yes No
Devil's Brigade (1st Special Service Force redirects here) Yes Stub Yes No
Gestapo Yes Stub Yes No
Schutzstaffel Yes Stub Yes No
Wehrmacht Yes Stub Yes No
Nazi Party Yes Stub Yes Yes
Bund Deutscher Mädel Yes Stub Yes No
Sicherheitsdienst Yes Stub Yes No


Event Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
World War II Yes Stub Yes No
Military Administration in France Yes Stub Yes No
Allied invasion of Sicily Yes Stub Yes No
Normandy landings (D-Day redirects here) Yes Stub No No
Operation Kino Yes Stub No No
Mexican standoff Yes Stub Yes No


Animal Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
Cow Yes Stub Yes No
Dog Yes Stub Yes No
Cat Yes Stub No No
Lobster Yes Stub No No

Foods and drinksEdit

F&B Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
Strudel Yes Stub Yes No
Cream Yes Stub Yes No
Sandwich Yes Stub Yes No
Cake Yes Stub No No
Lobster dish Yes Stub No No
Milk Yes Stub Yes No
Espresso Yes Stub Yes No
Beer Yes Stub Yes No
Champagne Yes Stub Yes No
Wine Yes Stub Yes No
Schnapps Yes Stub Yes No
Whiskey Yes Stub Yes No


Name Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
Nitrate film Yes Stub Yes No
Calabash Meerschaum Yes Stub No No
LaPadite's pipe Yes Stub Yes No
Der Stürmer Yes Stub No No
Movie projector Yes Stub Yes No
Rotary phone dial Yes Stub Yes No
Filmmaking equipment Yes Stub Yes No
Intercom Yes Stub Yes No
Aldo's map Yes Stub Yes No
Hitler's painting Yes Stub Yes No
Globe bar Yes Stub Yes No
Piano Yes Stub Yes No
Phonograph Yes Stub Yes No
Two-way radio Yes Stub Yes No
Boot shaped mug Yes Stub Yes No
Metal beer mug Yes Stub Yes No
Lighter Yes Stub Yes No
Match Yes Stub Yes No
Cigar Yes Stub Yes No
Cigarette Yes Stub Yes No
Snuff (Tobacco) Yes Stub No No
Morphine Yes Stub No No
Spotlight Yes Stub Yes No
Axe Yes Stub No No
Hand pump Yes Stub Yes No
Landa's file folder Yes Stub Yes No
Card name game Yes Stub Yes No
SS-Ehrenring Yes Stub Yes No



Actor Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
Brad Pitt Yes Stub No Yes
Mélanie Laurent Yes Stub No No
Christoph Waltz Yes Yes No Yes
Eli Roth Yes Stub No No
Michael Fassbender Yes Stub No No
Diane Kruger Yes Stub No Yes
Daniel Brühl Yes Stub No No
Til Schweiger Yes Stub No No
Gedeon Burkhard Yes Stub No No
Jacky Ido Yes Stub No No
B. J. Novak Yes Stub No No
Omar Doom Yes Stub No No
August Diehl Yes Stub No No
Denis Ménochet Yes Stub No No
Sylvester Groth Yes Stub No No
Martin Wuttke Yes Stub No No
Mike Myers Yes Stub No No
Julie Dreyfus Yes Stub No No
Richard Sammel Yes Stub No No
Alexander Fehling Yes Stub No No
Rod Taylor Yes Stub No No
Sönke Möhring Yes Stub No No
Samm Levine Yes Stub No No
Paul Rust Yes Stub No No
Michael Bacall Yes Stub No No
Christian Berkel Yes Stub No No
Anne-Sophie Franck Yes Stub No No
Léa Seydoux Yes Stub No No
Tina Rodriguez Yes Stub No No
Lena Friedrich Yes Stub No No
Ludger Pistor Yes Stub No No
Jana Pallaske Yes Stub No No
Buddy Joe Hooker Yes Stub No No
Carlos Fidel Yes Stub No No
Christian Brückner Yes Stub No No
Hilmar Eichhorn Yes Stub No No
Patrick Elias Yes Stub No No
Eva Löbau Yes Stub No No
Salvadore Brandt Yes Stub No No
Jasper Linnewedel Yes Stub No No
Wilfried Hochholdinger Yes Stub No No
Bo Svenson Yes Stub No No
Enzo G. Castellari Yes Stub No No
Samuel L. Jackson Yes Stub No No
Harvey Keitel Yes Stub No No
Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey No No No No
Petra Hartung No No No No
Volker Michalowski No No No No
Ken Duken No No No No
Wolfgang Lindner No No No No
Michael Kranz No No No No
Rainer Bock No No No No
André Penvern No No No No
Sebastian Hülk No No No No
Olivier Girard No No No No
Michael Scheel No No No No
Leo Plank No No No No
Andreas Tietz No No No No
Michael August No No No No
Noemi Besedes No No No No
Alex Boden No No No No
Hélène Cardona No No No No
Bela B. Felsenheimer No No No No
Guido Föhrweißer No No No No
Jake Garber No No No No
Nesti Gee No No No No
Andrew Napier No No No No
Greg Nicotero No No No No
Niko Novick No No No No
Aleksandrs Petukhovs No No No No
Brendan Potter No No No No
Sabrina Rattey No No No No
Vitus Wieser No No No No


Producer Article? Text? Gallery? Infobox?
Quentin Tarantino Yes Yes Yes No
Lawrence Bender Yes Yes No No
William Paul Clark No No No No
Christoph Fisser No No No No
Henning Molfenter No No No No
Bruce Moriarty No No No No
Lloyd Phillips No No No No
Pilar Savone No No No No
Erica Steinberg No No No No
Bob Weinstein Yes Stub No No
Harvey Weinstein Yes Stub No No
Charlie Woebcken No No No No
Robert Richardson Yes Stub No No
Sally Menke Yes Stub No No
David Wasco Yes Stub No No
Marco Bittner Rosser No No No No
Stephan O. Gessler No No No No
Sebastian T. Krawinkel No No No No
David Scheunemann No No No No
Sandy Reynolds-Wasco Yes Stub No No
Anna B. Shepard No No No No
Carlos Fidel Yes Stub No No

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